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Ferrini Productions Inc.

Filmmaker and Gloucester High Alumnus Collaborate on Charles Olson Children's Book

When Henry Ferrini was making his award-winning documentary film Polis is This: Charles Olson and the Persistence of Place, he read to his son Isaac every night at bedtime. His new children's book, Little Charlie Goes to Gloucester is a result of this bedtime ritual and his research while making the film. Ferrini says, "Like all writers Olson had a great love for books. In a world of video games I wanted to celebrate the poet's passion.”

The twenty seven page story tells of the poet's early days on Cape Ann. Olson came to Gloucester when he was five and returned throughout his lifetime. In the book "Little Charlie" comes from Worcester with his mother and falls in love with the city. The bespectacled boy explores the island, reads about it, dreams about it and begins to write about the place that would become the focus of his adult work.

The filmmaker felt the package was complete when he found Gloucester High alumni and illustrator Stefan Mallette. “There is a wonderful openness and whimsy in his work. When I saw the sketch of Little Charlie it all came together.” Little Charlie goes to Gloucester is the first children's book for both author and illustrator.

I love this book! I want to give it to my grandchildren.
-Peter Anastas, author of At the Cut, Broken Trip, and No Fortunes

When I was a kid here in Gloucester doing things Little Charlie did, he was already a man writing about this place in the world that we both loved. I moved back here like he did when I became a man & sang some of his poems. He is still here, fishing off the docks & climbing the rocks or reading in the -Sawyer Free Library - now it’s your turn.
Willie Loco Alexander, Fisheye Records

Ferrini tells a story of a great poet and a great town in this beautiful book. It’s a joy to read for parents and for kids. Mallette’s flowing illustrations evoke the magical allure of Gloucester, its history, and its beauty.
-Tony Millionaire, author of Sock Monkey and Billy Hazelnuts

This cheery, humorous biography of poet Charles Olson is as much a treasure trove of winsome stories about Olson’s childhood as it is a fine catch of tales about his beloved maritime city, Gloucester, Massachusetts. But as Olson would say, there is more below the surface of this slender volume. Little Charlie Olson teaches children of all ages that the place that you call home "no matter where it may be" is full of more mystery, intrigue, and fascinating history than you might have otherwise imagined.
-Alyssa East, author of Dogtown: Death and Enchantment in a New England Ghost Town


Witch City
Witch City

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Radio Fishtown

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Poem In Action

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